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    Easing the transition to the desert will reunite with Dragic


      Scola definitely do not know much about the changes the Suns offseason, "concentrating instead on missiles and other groups interested in bidding for him.

      Easing the transition to the desert will reunite with Dragic.

      Slovenian goalkeeper has only played Kobe Bryant Shoes one season in Houston and a half, but had built a good relationship with Scola, who was disappointed to hear that it had signed with the Suns. Now the two friends are together again, the basic elements of a reconstruction plan.

      '' I was thrilled that I was coming to play again with Goran,'' Scola said. '' Goran is a great player. He helped us win many games and I feel really confident playing with him.''

      Listen to more innovative: The game has some serious findings Kobe 7 For Sale come to some interesting proposals. Think. I'm not talking about something that will destroy the integrity of the game - as villains wear shoes and keep cleaners - and the game does not stretch break, ruheririi gxondla 7/26 but giving more thought to what Ken Holland or Jay or panegyrist - restless murmurs of the public - someone who has never played the game could be interesting. Take the Canadian Junior Championships or the AHL to test his ideas. If you do not work, no foul.

      Then, stop: After adjustments were made to sit on it. Put a Hyperfuse Shoes moratorium on changes for 10 years. No other league ever predict its product as the NHL does, which leads the casual fan to believe that there is a lack of confidence in that product. The game after the lock can be really exciting to watch. Since we will not return to the era of the crap neutral zone may lead policy makers to share their rules.

      Dave, to you, if he did so much. For this round - call it the Lightning Round - give me a short answer to this should be the next commissioner of the NHL and why. Go.

      Scott Brooks was awarded the four-year contract believed to be worth more than $ 16 million. The agreement Brooks in the upper third of the salaries of NBA coaches and ends weeks of speculation that both Brooks and his team can be driven by a split due to disagreement over compensation. But the truth is that talk of a rift between Brooks and the thunder was always hard to believe. "I think everyone values ??and coach Brooks knows how important it is for what we do here," said Nick Collison in front of thunder. For Brooks effects associated with players who eventually need a new deal. In Brooks, back to that first night in New Orleans, players see a coach who can identify with, a man who walked in their shoes and tasted success as a player, who now seek. Brooks respect and, most importantly, to answer him and his ways.

      A person familiar with the situation said Michael Beasley free agent forward has agreed to two years, $ 18 million with the Phoenix Suns.

      The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the transactions can not be announced until July 11. Beasley, the second overall pick in 2008 Entry Draft to Kansas State, averaged 15.1 points per game in four seasons in the NBA, two with Miami and the last two with Minnesota.

      The best season was the period 2010-2011, when he averaged 19.2 points for the Timberwolves.

      It was 24 hours for the busy Suns, who agreed to an offer sheet to restricted free agent guard Eric Gordon, Tuesday, then accepted a sign-and-trade that sent Steve Nash for the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night .

      The NBA, mostly very cut and dry. Despite the fact that all the fans wanted to believe that their team has a chance to win it all, there are only a handful of teams each year who have a legitimate chance to capture the title. This is especially true in the era of Big Threes and Superteams.

      The western region is an absolute bear, that the teams have to dig deep and fight to win a seat in the playoffs. Every year there is a series of "bubble teams" that are not necessarily at the forefront, but it is certainly formidable opponents. This leaves the middle of the pack filled with several teams competing for only a few points.

      Five teams in the Western Conference because of their wealth, talent, seems to have locked their playoff positions for next year: San Antonio Spurs Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers.

      The Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Hornets have a talent for working with youth, but are still a few seasons away from competing for playoff positions.

      Will break the other eight teams in the Western Conference and their chances to pull one of the three other points in the playoffs.


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